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feministvoice's Journal

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Feminist Voice
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feministvoice is a community for feminists of all walks of life, a place to foster discussion while staying true to the feminist cause. Since this is a new community, hopefully everyone who joins can make a post introducing themselves.

While our goal is to be a community with minimal moderation, there are a few rules:

1.) Those who are mean-spirited and attack a member personally, rather than their stance on an issue, will not be tolerated. No name-calling or statements that are intended as personal insults. Debate is encouraged, as long as it remains respectful.

2.) Put pictures or long-winded entries behind an LJ-cut.

3.) This is not a safe space. Feel free to rage, but members are not required to share your sentiment. Opinions can be shared on any given topic.

4.) While we allow open membership and encourage discussion, those who are here strictly to debate the fallacies of feminism will be asked to leave. This is a pro-feminist community.


The maintainer is memory_guilded. If you have any questions regarding the community, you can email her at philoticnet@aim.com

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